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Across all industries, the average CTR* for a paid search ad is 1.91%, and 0.35% for a display ad. Check out our stats after just a couple of days for a Google search ad campaign we're running for a client in a highly competitive industry - where CTR is typically lower than average.
When running an ad campaign, it’s vital you monitor activity and modify as-needed for best results. Don’t overlook negative keywords, you could wasting money on clicks that aren’t of value!
*Click-through-rate. A clickthrough rate is how often your paid ad is viewed AND click on. A high CTR indicates high quality ad content, keywords and positioning. #seo #sem #searchenginemarketing
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Not only do slow websites suck, they cost businesses millions of dollars each year in lost sales...
🛑 >75% of visitors leave a slow site.
🛑 88% are less likely to return.
🛑 Google uses site speed as a search engine ranking factor.

Our team ROCKS at speed optimization, contact us if you’d like some help with your #wordpress site! www.nolamediadesign.com
(stats via Gomez)
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One of the most rewarding aspects of my career is having the opportunity to meet passionate and talented individuals doing remarkable things...and for that, I’m truly #hashtagblessed. 🙏🏼