Is Your Business Ready for the New Normal

How will you run your company going forward?

Social distancing, face masks, and consumers using the internet to fulfill their needs more than ever is becoming “the new normal” – and to survive, businesses must adapt. 

Now is the time for new operational and marketing planning. Empower yourself and your team, maximize opportunities and evolve where necessary to fuel new success! 

Below are some guidelines and tips to help you set the wheels in motion towards recovery: 

Website updates for covid related business changesCOMMUNICATE: If you have a team, their opinions can bring a lot to the table. When people manage various roles and responsibilities, you have eyes on all aspects of your biz, not just from the owner or manager viewpoint – and that insight is a good thing! It’s also vital to get everyone up-to-date and on board with new requirements and safety measures you’ll have to set in place to run your business going forward.

BE CREATIVE: Are there new opportunities to consider, or even a new vertical or niche? Tune in to what your customers are saying and use your experience, expertise, relationships and resources to modify products and services to satisfy changing needs.

MARKET: Consumers are online more than ever, so it’s time to digitally market the heck out of yourself. All the money in the world didn’t just disappear, but folks are utilizing their cash-flow and credit lines differently. A strong social media campaign can attract consumers and drive them to your site, so you also must make sure your website is easy to navigate, has clear and concise content, and provides answers and solutions.

PERSISTENCE: Once you come up with a plan, stay motivated. Find and focus on valuable people and new ideas, tools and resources that can drive success. Write down or record epiphanies, intentions and to-do’s. There are also some pretty genius and inspirational folks on running YouTube channels and podcasts that can keep your entrepreneurial spirit energized. Just search your interests, put in those earbuds, and dive down that awesome rabbit hole. 

SWEAT: Walk, run, ride, dance, lift, paddle, swim, and get your Ohm on every damn day! If you make your mental and physical wellbeing a priority, you’ll reap the infinite benefits of good health…mind, body and soul. And drink that Matcha!

Your biz CAN succeed if you have your digital ducks in a row!

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