Content Is Still King

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Content is key - write to inform and educate prospects

The copy you use on your website, social media marketing, and printed materials should be informative and authoritative to attract and convert customers – and search engines.

If you struggle with writing content, we have a seasoned marketing team that can certainly help, but if you’re wanting to tackle the task on your own, check out these tips to help keep you on the right track:

  • Explain clearly how your products/services solve a problem.
  • Write as if you’re “speaking” to your prospects by mentioning them (ex moms, homeowners, travelers, etc.).
  • Don’t overuse industry jargon, it usually just confuses and intimidates prospects.
  • Research your competition to differentiate yourself and focus on building a stronger brand based on your unique benefits, values and methodologies. 
  • Make it easy for prospects to do business with you by providing clear call-to-actions, next steps and ways to reach you.
  • Paint a clear picture about benefits – what your customers gain by choosing your business.
  • Use relevant keywords – but overdoing it can turn off prospects and make the content appear spammy.
  • Proofread – step away and revisit an article later to catch typos and grammar faux pas before you go live.
  • Use appropriate imagery to reinforce your topic.
  • Validate your brand by sharing reviews, certifications/awards and professional milestones.
  • Email marketing still works! Provide a “subscribe to updates” option to keep in touch with customers and prospects.
  • Use tools to perform on-page SEO and grammar checks to ensure your copy is search-engine and people-friendly.
  • Commit to keeping your website and social media current by writing and sharing fresh content regularly.

You’re the expert in your industry and your content should reflect that. Put in the time (or hire someone you trust that will) and you will see positive results.

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