Market Your Business with Instagram LIVE

Gain confidence, trust and loyalty by utilizing modern marketing platforms.

80% of Instagram users reportedly follow a business account, so to stay relevant and in touch with audiences, brands of all sizes and from all industries are utilizing Instagram Live to create content, showcase products/services and interact with customers and prospects on a more personal level. 

An Instagram presence can boost the awareness of nearly any type of business, and by taking it to the next level with Instagram Live, you have even more opportunities to expand your brand awareness.

Benefits of Marketing with Instagram Live:

  • Increase engagement: By introducing customers and prospects to you and your business, you connect with them on a more personal level, something a brochure, magazine ad or billboard cannot do.
  • Expand your reach: Instagram Live stories appear before regular stories, therefore get more visibility. Also, when you start a LIVE story, an alert appears at the top of your followers screen to let them know you’re broadcasting “live”!
  • Hold recurring virtual events – it’s like having your own time slot on a network station where you and your team are the stars, directors and producers. Broadcast #tiptuesday, #workshopwednesday, #mediationmonday, etc..
  • Launch a new product or a service with a demo or a tutorial, and welcome questions and feedback that could yield helpful insight.
  • Announce Specials,  Offer viewer-only discounts  to build engagement and a sense of exclusivity and urgency.
  • Read emails, answer FAQs and conduct Q&A sessions to answer consumer questions and connect with your audience.
  • Longevity – You can save live broadcasts to your Instagram profile and Facebook Story. You can also save them to your mobile device to share later via email or text. 

The takeaway: Adding Instagram Live Stories to your marketing mix can expand your brand’s reach while introducing audiences to the person or people behind the logo. This one-on-one interaction can set a much needed friendly and accessible tone that otherwise gets lost in a mission statement, white paper or portfolio.

You can share a live video to connect with your followers in real time for up to one hour. Once a live video has ended, it’s no longer visible in the app, unless you share a replay of it to your story. Keep in mind that when you save your live video to your camera roll, only the video is saved, and not things like comments, likes and viewers. It may take a minute for your live video to save to your phone, especially for longer videos. More info.

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