DIY Website Design and Marketing

A professional website designer and/or marketer is similar to most other professions; mechanics, contractors, plumbers and even doctors – they’re consistently racking up hours learning/studying their industry, mastering tools to best perform specified tasks, keeping up-to-date with trends and advancements, and over time (experience), gaining invaluable insight about best practices – solving issues today and avoiding them in the long run.

  • With that said, can you DIY your website design and digital marketing (or any other task that professionals provide)
    Likely so.

  • Will the results be ideal?

    Likely not – unless you’re willing to put in countless hours of education, research, and inevitable troubleshooting/trial and error that expertise evolves from.

Digital design and marketing is an industry that perpetually evolves, and if you already own or are starting a business, your personal expertise probably lies in the product or service you’re wanting to provide. By knowing when to outsource tasks to professionals will not only yield better results, it will also give you more time focus expanding your expertise in your chosen field.  

Creating an effective website and/or digital marketing campaign (search engine optimization, social media, etc.) requires education, dedication, experience - and some pre-existing talent or "eye" for the biz.

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