Website Maintenance - Avoid data/content loss and unnecessary costs by subscribing to an Annual Website Maintenance Plan.​

Not keeping your website updated can cause irreversible problems. We offer Annual Website Maintenance Plans based on the individual projected needs of each client. For a quote on maintenance and content updates to keep your web site up-to-date as your business changes and grows, contact us!

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Each WordPress site is a target, not because WordPress isn’t secure, but because it is so prevalent. WordPress has a share of more than 35% of the internet, which means there are huge payoffs for hackers who can figure out how to break in. Hackers don’t care how much traffic your site gets – they just want to use your site to send out spam or other nefarious things for a few days until you beef up your security, and then they move on.

Any time someone finds a security vulnerability in WordPress, the WordPress team releases an update to fix the vulnerability. The same goes for plugins and themes. On top of that, any time a security vulnerability is fixed, information about the problem becomes publicly available. That means that hackers know how to get into old versions of WordPress. So it is extremely important to keep your site updated to avoid getting hacked!

WordPress publishes new core releases as they become available; every few months or so, and sometimes smaller updates as often as weekly. In addition to the WordPress core, plugins (the bells and whistles that make your site so awesome) may also require updates on a regular basis. If the core and plugins become outdated, your site can lose functionality and become vulnerable to a plethora security threats that can lead to your database and files being erased, AND infect your visitors with malware.

Updates can also provide new features! Sometimes the features will be pretty exciting, sometimes you will hardly notice, but it’s always good to have access to all of the latest stuff.

The problem with a “if it ain’t broke…” mentality: You can’t keep running an old version of your site forever. Someday you’re going to (hopefully) want to update the look with a new theme, and that will require WordPress updates. Or you’re going to want to utilize new functionality with a great new plugin, and that will require an update. When updates are maintained, the less likely your web site will run in to problems, like crashing when updating from an antiquated version to the current one.

We’ve encountered this many times. When we’re hired to make changes to an existing site, it’s sometimes so outdated, we can’t perform the updates needed and we have to start over with a new site, and import their old content. For a small site, this might not be a big deal, but for complex sites, it can get very expensive.

Annual Support and Maintenance Subscriptions offer reduced-rate digital design and support on a pre-paid basis. For website clients, an Annual Maintenance Plan is strongly recommended as there are numerous/frequently issued WordPress updates that must be performed regularly in order to maintain the integrity, functionality and security of your website, plus updates to keep your site’s information current. Get content updates, WordPress core & plugin maintenance, graphic design (flyers, presentations, banners, etc.), e-mail marketing, campaign setup/management and more.

Annual Maintenance Plans cannot be used for logo design, initial website design or social media marketing activities. Unused hours do not “roll over” however plans are eligible for early renewal.