Encourage togetherness–Like a magnet, the family pool can encourage people to come together. Some call it bonding, while others simply call it love – the kind that keeps families close. What else gives so much pleasure? Think about it, name a purchase or an event that pleases like a swimming pool. A vacation, a party, a movie, or even a month at a theme park all come quickly to an end. In the blink of an eye, they’re gone, but a swimming pool adds pleasure for years. There’s nothing to look forward to that’s more special than a new swimming pool. All families eagerly await the purchase. For most, it’ll be like a dream come true. Nothing can be better than that.

Better health–It is possible to treat yourself and your loved ones to great entertainment at home and a healthier lifestyle as well. A swimming pool in the backyard is all of that and more.

The best exercise – People who use their pool as part of their everyday exercise routine think that swimming and aquatics are the very best exercises for the body. Many physicians and health trainers agree. Water exercises are more beneficial because they put less stress on limbs and joints. The pool in the backyard is more than just convenient. It’s a great inducement for exercise anytime. There really isn’t a better way to get the metabolism going.

Sleep better – A lot of people who own swimming pools have concluded that a late evening swim or a few minutes in the spa invites the best sleep of all. Somehow the muscles seem to relax, and you sleep better as a result of the experience.

Great for arthritis and sore joints – Some people who suffer from the pain of arthritis are convinced that a regular program of water exercises is one of the best ways to beat the debilitating effects of this disease. Obviously, everyone should contact their doctor first. Then, if permitted, get into a rehabilitation program as quickly as possible.

A wonderful environment for those with disabilities–Pool and spa accessory manufacturers have developed lifts and access equipment so that all family members can enjoy the benefits of the water. What was once considered a playground for the fit is now a perfect destination for those in need of aquatic exercise at home.

A strong heart – Most people recognize that a program of exercise and a healthy diet is the best way to stay in shape. Swimming and aquatics can help all family members maintain their weight and build a strong, healthy heart. A backyard pool may be the ticket to a longer, healthier life.

Aquatics for health – A great number of books and magazines talk about the superior benefits of aquatics versus other types of exercise. With a pool in your backyard, you can enjoy what some call the perfect exercise for the entire body.

A great alternative to becoming a couch potato – After a busy day or a big meal, too many Americans take to the easy chair and sleep themselves into poor health. The backyard pool can help everyone from becoming a couch potato.

Better than watching television – While TV can sometimes be entertaining, it is no competition for good fun and healthy exercise. A swimming pool offers both – maybe even a longer life.

Reduced stress – Floating is freedom – freedom from stress and freedom from any kind of tension. This stress-free experience allows you to think about life, the family, and all the jobs you handle. It can free you from all cares and woes.

Beat the heat – When it’s hot outside, nothing satisfies the mind and body like a dip in the pool. Owners can refresh themselves with little concern about heat waves. This is a primary reason to own your pool.

Conveniently close to home – Who loves packing up the kids and all the accessories to drive somewhere to cool off? Some say that the convenience factor alone is reason enough to warrant the purchase.

Beats joining a swim club – With your swimming pool, you have your swim club. Here, wonderful things happen: the crowds are down, there’s no fighting for poolside seating, and no one is there to splash you while you rest. No one is in your way when you swim, and nobody hits you from behind. Imagine, a perfect day at the pool.

Staying fit – A swimming pool in the yard offers owners the perfect excuse not to go off to look elsewhere for fun and entertainment. Most families find the pool to be the perfect place to rediscover their best friends.

You love relaxing – There is no better place to relax than by a pool or on a float in a pool. It helps you unwind and forget the troubles of work and the stress of everyday encounters. The soothing effects of a pool are almost immeasurable.

The best family present ever – Many people have been thinking about pool ownership because it fits their lifestyle goals to a tee. Now may be the best time to indulge yourself and your loved ones and help create the special environment you always wanted for your home.

Balance to your life – After a hard day at work or school, nothing is more inviting and rejuvenating than the family pool. Its value will increase every time you’re away. Shouldn’t you have a pool to look forward to? We think so.

Supreme enjoyment – For some families, a swimming pool is a natural part of their everyday life. They view its existence as some view an easy chair. A pool is one of those destinations in their home where they can be themselves and be totally at ease.

Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think – Not only children but you, too, deserve a swimming pool. It is one of those special rewards that most people have always wanted but for some reason, have put off for another day or another lifetime. Don’t wait any longer.

Because you know the value of ownership – This knowledge isn’t something you’ve just discovered; it’s something that has accumulated with keen observation and the desire to do something positive for yourself. Go do it and enjoy!

Romance – When the day is done, the swimming pool awaits. Under a moonlit sky, a pool is very, very romantic. Just ask the adults who own one. It is a wonderful spot for conversation and to rediscover the person you truly love. Under a full moon, the pool reflects that special glow, and without fail, the wolf emerges from the thick of night – and just at the right time, too.

Skinny dipping – Everyone would like to skinny dip at least once – especially with the person they love. But where? The only safe place is to do it at home, in your own private pool.

Your own private lagoon – Listen…you can almost hear the call of wild birds. The enchanted jungle awaits you and a partner to experience the soothing pleasure of this therapeutic lagoon. The water cascades into a crystal clear pool that is especially inviting. This need not be a dream.

The stars come out – Every evening, when you are with the person you love, and you are sitting by the pool or in it, the stars come out. It is easy to see them as they reflect in the dark water. Any guess as to the number of stars that are working for you on nights such as this?

All the good times ahead – Ownership of a swimming pool doesn’t end with your first romantic encounter. The pool can be very compelling when those in love are trying to mend their feelings for each other. And there’s no need to call for an appointment.

Your personal luxury – It’s an old axiom known to owners: those who purchase a pool for their children often discover it is the parents who love it most. In fact, even after the kids are off on their own, the pool becomes their own personal escape from the world, and they would never think of giving it up.

Easy to finance – Swimming pools are extremely easy to finance. Families use everything from credit cards to home equity loans to get the exact pool they want. Low-interest rates give purchasers an extra measure of affordability, which some use to get extra bells and whistles.

Technology – Today’s buyer can find many new ways to minimize the cost of pool upkeep. In recent years, pool manufacturers have added systems and technology to their product lines that have improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness for homeowners.

Home value – Installing a swimming pool helps position a home as an estate, much the same way that a tennis court or guesthouse would. Most homeowners, however, see the pool as an investment they’ve made for themselves – one that pays dividends that dollars can’t measure. Certain items make homes into estates. A swimming pool is certainly one of them. A tennis court is another. Realtors who market upscale properties will tell you that buyers are often surprised – or disappointed – if a swimming pool is not included on an estate-sized property they are interested in.

24-hour access to your own personal bliss – In the morning air, by the pool, gives a certain satisfaction. It just feels right. That special feeling also reappears in the evening, under a full moon or in the light cast from garden lanterns. It’s quieter here, more natural and far away from the pace of everyday life. It’s okay to linger and take in all the beauty that you see. There is a special feeling, knowing you have a swimming pool of your own. That convenience can never be truly measured. Just knowing it awaits you anytime, day or night, as a reward for hard work or as a way of gaining essential relaxation, is a great comfort to pool owners everywhere.

Hi Sheri! I spoke with Wesley this morning regarding your swim, current. He’s suggested that instead of going with the Fastlane, which is pricey, we can do three or four jets with a 4 hp motor for the swim current.

The cost for this would be about $6000 which is probably half the cost of Fastlane.