These are the times, that try women’s and men’s souls.

It is going to get worse, before it gets better. Our elections have two components: voting and money. While we still have one person, one vote, $ 14,000,000,000.00 went into our last election. Ever since 1828, with the election of Andrew Jackson and The Second US Bank, we have had corruption of our political campaigns. Throughout our history, politicians have tried to reform our campaign finance laws, but always coming up woefully short. Always maintaining an incumbents’ advantage to money and therefore to a greater advertising campaign. What evidence is there of the politicians corruption? How does Boeing get to certify their 737 max air planes and not the FAA? How do Wall Street Firms over leverage themselves and get bailed out by YOUR taxpayer dollars? Should the firms which did not over leverage themselves, be assisted in buying the bankrupt firms? How do pharmaceutical companies get to sell opioid medications with 30 day prescriptions, when the medications are addictive after 5 days? Do we want a level playing field? Do we want more and better candidates to elect? Do we want ideas to be the dominant currency in our elections, rather than money? Do we want to stop the corrupters donating from outside our district or state to OUR candidates? When Democracy is defined as government of, by and for the people, do we want corporations and unions infringing on OUR political elections? What will happen if our federal elected officials do not ratify this 28th Amendment? Will there be a revolution? Do Americans always fight for their democracy? Will citizens storm the Capital? They already did!

Do we want politicians to raise money for their campaigns, and then pay themselves a salary from their campaign account. Is this money laundering? Is this bribery? It’s more corruption!

This website predicts, there will be a Second American Revolution, if this 28th Amendment is not ratified. This website’s intention is to prevent the violence, the loss of lives and catastrophic destruction of the Second American Revolution and to provide fair and open elections. If the COVID 19 pandemic hasn’t taught you that we are all in this together, we WILL learn this lesson with the 28th Amendment. Groups as far apart as Black Lives Matter and the Proud Boys will realize, they are both disenfranchised by this Plutocracy and denied representation because of the vast sums of money that ooze into our elections. As you read the 28th Amendment, please keep in mind that our government is on a continuum. We are always improving and moving our government down a path to a greater representative Democracy (ie. The Emancipation Proclamation, the 19th Amendment, etc.). The 28th Amendment is just the next step.

So what is the strategy to throw these corrupt elected officials out of office?

  1. Raise money
  2. Send out a survey. Identify who will work and vote to ratify the 28th Amendment. Those elected officials, who will work and vote for the 28th Amendment will not be targeted for removal from office in the 2022 election. Those who will not vote for it will be targeted for removal from office. Those who do not return the survey will be deemed apathetic or incompetent and will be targeted for removal from office. The greater the leadership position of the opposing legislator, the greater the financial resources will be applied to their defeat. Determine which Senators are not up for re-election and have recall elections
  3. Increase donations and give email update.
  4. Conduct a Nonviolent Protest Rally in Washington DC.
  5. Remove Senators, who will not ratify the 28th Amendment, from office. The various states will have different requirements for recalling their Senators.
  6. Ask for more contributions and give email updates.
  7. In the 2022 elections, we will campaign against the Congresspeople, who will not ratify the 28th Amendment, describing them accurately as antidemocratic. Without regard to their party affiliation, devote larger sums of advertising money to the races of the leadership of both parties.
  8. Have thirty eight (75%) state legislatures ratify the 28th Amendment. This method requires more elected officials to vote to ratify the amendment.
  9. Celebrate the return of American Democracy.

This will be an arduous, hard fight for the power and control over our elections, but we will win because we have to win. The status quo will not remain. Do Americans always fight for their democracy? This website does explain why we do not have a democratic government. But the whole purpose of is to prevent the violence, destruction and death of a revolution. This purpose is to peacefully ratify the 28th Amendment through Rule of Law.

God bless America.


The 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution

1: All campaign contributions for the United States House of Representatives candidates must only come from the constituents of that district, in which, the candidates are running in or the candidate. All campaign contributions for the United States Senate candidates will only come from the constituents of that state, in which the candidates are running in or the candidate.

2: Federal Campaign contributions from constituents shall be limited up to 10% of the latest United States Census Weighted Average Poverty Threshold per individual under age 65 per election. The candidates may contribute to their campaigns up to ten times the latest United States Census Weighted Average Poverty Threshold per individual under age 65 per election.

3: House and Senate candidates and/ or elected officials can not receive a salary from their campaign and can not receive money for providing consulting services to their campaigns.

4: All federal campaign accounts will be brought to a $0.00 balance by 6 months after the election date. Only donations to 501, C, 3’s, federal, state, county(parish) or city treasuries will be allowed to reduce the campaign accounts to a $0.00 balance. No donations to federal, state or local party committees will be allowed. The candidate’s campaign funds are allowed to pay legal fees, to resolve the election, when it is contested or disputed.

5: All federal campaigns will have the candidate’s name, the office the candidate is running for, and the year of the election in their campaign names.

6: All federal campaigns’ advertisements will have the campaign’s name before and after the message.

7: Political Action Committees, Super Political Action Committees, Political Parties, and any other political organizations must list their officers and top five donors for that year, before and after their political advertisements for video, audio and social media.

8: Contribution limits to state and local party committees shall be determined by the respective states and respective territories.

9: Federal Political Candidates’ Campaigns cannot borrow any money.

10: Federal Political Candidates’ Campaigns will pay, in total, for any goods and services before or at the time of the delivery of the goods or services.

11: Corporations and Unions can not contribute to political parties or Federal Candidates’ campaigns.

12: Tax exempt 501 (c) organizations can not make donations or disbursements to any federal, state or local candidates’ election campaigns, Political Action Committees or Super Political Action Committees.

13: All federal campaign contributions, political parties’ contributions, Political Action Committees’ contributions and Super Political Action Committees’ contributions over $200.00, must be reported to the Federal Elections Commission within thirty days. The Federal Elections Commission must publicize the contributions within thirty days of receiving the information or sooner.

14: All contributions to political committees, political parties, and political organizations are taxable.

15. The President of the United States can not pardon himself or herself.

16. All elected federal office holders must publish their federal tax returns, annually while in office.


The Director

Brian L. McCarthy is the director of the 527 Political Action Committee, He grew utterly disgusted with the corruption of our Federal Government. The corruption was all legal because the politicians made the laws. Death, addiction and the loss of our taxpayer dollars are produced by this corruption. He cannot change the government by himself. Only unified citizens can make the necessary changes to have a true representative, Democratic republic.

The Director’s salary, of three thousand dollars a month, will not begin until the assets of reach one million dollars. There will be a monthly bonus of 8.3 basis points or .00083% based on the monthly balance of the organization.

If we are successful in ratifying the 28th Amendment, without having to purchase advertising, then, after expenses are paid, donations will be made to the U S Treasury, state Departments of Revenue, Cities, Foundations or charitable organizations.