ADA Compliance for WordPress Websites

Avoid being sued in a frivolous lawsuit

Courts are being increasingly inundated with lawsuits filed by individuals with disabilities claiming that businesses’ websites are not accessible to them. Without any warning whatsoever, your business – regardless of how big or small, could be fined for Non-Compliance under the Americans Disability Act (section 508). 

For every violation, a $150,000 fine can be enforced. Over 11,400 people filed an ADA Title III lawsuit in 2021.

While WordPress by default aims to ensure accessibility, it cannot guarantee it once a website is custom designed. 

Wondering if your  WordPress website is ADA compliant? If you have not specifically requested it, it’s highly likely it is not.

What Is Website Compliance –

We Implement the Policy AND monitor it regularly. 

Your website is a public space and as a business, therefore it must be accessible to people with disabilities, just like a brick and mortar. Denying those rights on your site puts your business under violation. 

Each image must have an ALT TAG and it must be adequate description